Featured Female STEM Influencers you all should follow

Happy Women in Science Day! To celebrate, I wanted to make this blog post about some amazing female's who are breaking the stereotype, one day at a time. Theyre all #queengineers in my books 🙌🏻Here are some STEM influencers you should follow (and girls you didn't know worked in STEM IRL) that have been impacting our digital and RL space!

(in no particular order)

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MEET CHLOE - Civil Engineer

MEET ANH THU - Nurse & Adjunct Professor

MEET MARY - Structural Engineer

MEET SONIA - Computer Science Student

MEET STEPH - Software Engineer

MEET "Jupiter Jones" - Astrophysics student, future astronaut

MEET LAUREN - Aerospace Engineering Student

MEET HOLLY - Software Engineer

MEET SAM - Scientist, Programmer, soon to be PhD

MEET LESLIE - Optometrist

Meet Tiff - Software Developer

MEET KEANNA - Medical Scribe, MS Nursing Student at UCLA

MEET PARISA - Professional Civil Engineer

MEET ASHLEY - Software Engineer

MEET BRIANNE - Engineer, Podcast host of "The People Engineer"

MEET ASPEN - Engineer, STEM Educator, TED Talk Speaker

MEET MARGO - Front End Web Developer

MEET TRISHENA - Civil Engineer

MEET MCKENNA - Premed Student (B.S. Physchology)

MEET KAYLEE - Software Engineer

MEET VISHAKHA - Computer Science Student